Foreseeing the Rules of Chaos

Who We Are?

ZMQ is a professional institution providing all-around service about the quantitative trading of crypto assets.

AI powered liquidity vendor for crypto assets

  • What We Do

    With more than five-year practice in the emerging crypto market, ZMQ established healthy liquidity and market making for more than twenty exchanges of various scales and a hundred kinds of different crypto assets. In addition to that, ZMQ offers high quality services about algorithmic execution, quantitative strategies, long-term asset management and other trading scenarios upon a 1000+ BTC basis of assets.
  • What We Can

    ZMQ seeks the power of trading and investment from cutting-edge quantitative technologies. Our highly-trained team has deep understanding of exchange architecture, market microstructures, matching mechanism, state machine and low-latency technologies plus authentic experience of applying reinforced and adversarial neuron networks to algorithmic and/or high-frequency trading in secondary market.

Our Service

Our Team

Our elite team consists of thirty scientists, engineers and traders with pure and hardcore high-tech genes. Their professional background covers the wide range of pure mathematics, artificial intelligence, data science, financial engineering, computing science and software engineering. More than 60% percent of them have Ph.D. or postgraduate degrees from universities of global fame. Many of them are early-age arrivers to the continent of blockchain.

Vision and Mission

This high-tech company is committed to enriching the vitality and promoting the prosperity of crypto asset market by the joint power of blockchain, investment markets and quantitative technologies.

Our Partners

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